"It's wonderful when you fly. That's why you should learn.
You can go places and do things you never did before."

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Kace is the smallest of all his brothers and sisters and has a hard time growing or learning as quickly as they do.

Through hard work and keeping your head up, all things are possible !

This colorful, optimistically-written and insightful children’s book contains an uplifting story with a message for children to stay positive, no matter what they’ve been through.

All your goals — even if they’re high — are always within reach.



Many young people are troubled. It goes with the territory.

A part of the “passage.” There is the typical “torment” of wanting to belong, to be the same, to be liked and accepted.

Is my nose too big?

My height too short?

My hair too long?

Can I accomplish my goal?

However, not everyone experiences immediate success.

Stress. Depression. Add the words bullying, peer pressure and self-doubt and you’ve entered the real-world drama of too many young people today. You’ve entered the world of a young Laymon Hicks.

Growing up, Laymon was not a part of “all things Brady.” His passage was not typical. Yet, his love for books and learning never wavered.

His own journey led him to Florida State University where he earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

At the age of 29, he reached his ultimate educational goal when he graduated from Northeastern University with a doctorate in Organizational Leadership.

Today, Laymon is a professional speaker and has presented at more than 100 schools and student conferences, in 45 states, for nearly 500,000 young people.

Laymon resides in Florida with his wife, Keisha, and daughter, Karsyn.



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